Ministry of Education endorses FunSongs

I Love Summer – your kids will love this action song!
14th June 2020
Teacher trainers
Teacher trainers recommend the FunSongs Method
10th August 2020

Ministry of Education endorses FunSongs

Dr. Tziona Levi
Chief Inspector

Following an invitation from the Israeli Education Ministry to Charles Goodger to take part in the Summer School Inspectorate online conference, we are proud to announce that Dr. Tziona Levi, Chief Inspector for English Language Teaching has officially endorsed the FunSongs Education program.
“There’s no doubt in my mind that students will benefit from FunSongs. It’s a wonderful program.” Dr. Tziona Levi

FunSongs has been working in Israel since 2016 after the Hewbrew-Arabic Theatre in Jaffa launched the FunSongs Monster Show (Arabic-language version) for young learners of English. Since then FunSongs has worked with teachers throughout Israel and Palestine on the “Let’s Talk” program.
Read about how FunSongs can help you and your young learners in this El Gazette article about FunSongs educational work in Israel and Palestine.

Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger is the founder and creative power behind FunSongs Education. Teachers, parents and children have sung and performed his action songs all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact him directly on +39 347 1279709 or

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