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28th April 2024

Work with Us

FunSongs Italy is urgently  seeking young, dynamic and musical mother-tongue people for well-paid work in the Bologna area. If you know of any native speakers looking for some extra, well-paid hours,please ask them to contact Charles Goodger on +39 347 1279709 now! Thank you very much! Inoltre, la FunSongs offre agli insegnanti italiani di inglese un certificato di FunSongs Practitioner a seguito  di un breve corso di formazione. L’offerta include […]
12th March 2024

FunSongs in Bolzano Province

Charles Goodger was invited by the South Tyrol education authorities to hold two days of teacher development workshops for primary school teachers on 13th and 14th March 2024. In two 7-hour sessions, one in Lana and the other in Bressanone, teachers learnt how to teach action songs to present new language.
16th January 2024

Multilingual FunSongs Website

Starting January 2024 the FunSongs website is available in 8 world languages: Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and of course English. Thanks to a collaboration with the USB marketing organisation in Milan, parents and educational administrator who may not know English can easily access the contents of the website. Try it out now!
16th January 2024

Presenting A Song for Winter

This  delicate action song is much loved by young learners around the world. The poem within the song celebrates the beauty of a winter landscape  and the fun kids can have out in the open. From January 18th 2024 different versions of the song will be available for streaming and download on the major digital platforms. For just €9.90 download the relative  e-book with games, activities and useful worksheets to recycle the language and themes presented […]
16th January 2024

Nonni Nipoti Show

Children and grandparents enjoy taking part in inter-generational events of educational, artistic and sociological significance! The FunSongs Nonni Nipoti Show brings together two generations – primary school kids and their grandparents in the collective learning and performing of action songs. In 2023 Charles Goodger held Nonni Nipoti FunSongs show events in Milan and Bologna, Italy Curious? See the video by clicking the icon below. NB The subtitles are in Italian […]
27th November 2023

Water is Everything action pack available

Many teachers have asked for individual action song packages. The latest action song pack you can buy is Water is Everything. Before your school would have needed to buy a licence to access this pack. However it is now available as an individual product. Check out this link for more information and to purchase it. Molti insegnanti hanno chiesto pacchetti di canzoni d’azione individuali. L’ultimo pacchetto di canzoni d’azione […]
25th May 2023

Nonni Nipoti Lab in Milan

On the afternoon of Friday, May 19, 2023, the very first FunSongs Grandparents and Grandchildren Workshop was held at Centro Pime in Milan.  Charles Goodger started with the action song “What’s Your Favorite Animal,” which everyone learned in 10 minutes, followed by the more challenging action song about the five senses, “Thrive.” To conclude, Charles Goodger taught, using expressive gestures, the chorus of the provocative song “Best for the World.” […]
17th May 2023

Learning together in Milan

(Traduzione in italiano sotto) Basic English communication skills are essential in today’s world, and it’s not just school children who are eager to learn. Many retirees, now with time and resources to travel, are keen on learning English to enhance their experiences abroad. This is especially important in Italy, where the aging population and declining birthrate highlight the vital role grandparents play in supporting their families. Recognizing this, FunSongs founder […]
23rd April 2023

IATEFL conference 2023

The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) recently held its 56th annual conference and materials exhibition in the charming spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire, UK. The conference took place from April 15th to 20th and attracted English language teachers from around the world, making it a truly international event. People come to IATEFL to make new friends, connect with old ones and stay up-to-date […]
3rd January 2023

The excitement of an action song performance

Action Songs are made to be performed! Teach action songs for your pupils to perform to their parents and grandparents or even other classes in your school. Kids love singing and dancing.  Parents and grandparents are delighted to see their sons , daughters and grandchildren having fun and making progress with their English. An action song performance is an ideal addition to a school event. The FunSongs Method of teaching […]
3rd January 2023

Charles Goodger at IATEFL

The last annual IATEFL conference took place in Belfast from 17th to 20th May. Here is an article published by the IATEFL Journal VOICES just before the conference. Charles Goodger will be presenting at the next Iatefl conference to be held in Harrogate in April 2023.
2nd January 2023

FunSongs workshop

Meaning in sound – presenting new language through action songs How does the human brain process meaning in sound? Have you ever thought about the connection between music and language? In this entertaining webinar Charles Goodger will start by outlining the interesting parallels between the notes in a melody and the phonemes in a language chunk. He will then go to illustrate why the presentative action song is one of […]
3rd August 2022

Penny Ur endorses FunSongs action songs

(Traduzione in italiano sotto) The 2023 ETAI international conference for English teachers held in Jerusalem, Israel in July featured some of the world’s leading experts. The best known was Penny Ur, famous worldwide for her coursebooks and practical approach to classroom teaching and management at every level. I had the honour of welcoming Penny Ur to my workhop on using fun songs in the classroom. After the workshop Penny Ur […]
2nd March 2021

Gallery Teachers interview Charles Goodger – in Italian

If you understand Italian and follow FunSongs and Charles Goodger, you will find this recent interview interesting. Click here to see it. Charles talks about how action songs can help teachers achieve excellent results.
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