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What is the FunSongs Method?

The FunSongs Method is a dynamic way of teaching the English language through music and mime, rhythm and rhyme. It combines elements of Total Physical Response (Prof. James Asher) and Suggestopedia (Prof. Georgi Lozanov). The learning process is strengthened and accelerated by activating several intelligences in the learner’s mind in line with Prof. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

FunSongs on YouTube
The FunSongs teaching actions videos will help you learn the action songs fast before bringing them into the class. You can subscribe to the channel here.

Good tunes guarantee good learning!
Another aspect of FuSongs, often overlooked by ELT publishers  is the quality of its original tunes.   Singers such as the world famous  Italian pop singer  Al Bano Carrisi have  interpreted Charles Goodger’s songs.
Listen to Terra d’Ambra e di Emozioni   on Spotify as an example of how he crafts a melody.

Benefits of learning new language through action songs
Learning new language through music and movement encourages intelligible pronunciation and reinforces long-term memorisation. Neuroscientists agree that people learn more effectively when they are having fun.

People often ask us . . .

Read these FAQs to find out more. 

The FunSongs Program is  ideal for young learners aged up to 10.  Children learn and memorize the songs and their vocabulary, language and structures fast. Each action song pack comes with its own e-book containing  set of graded worksheets to photocopy or project. Worksheet 1 is appropriate for children who haven’t yet started  to learn to read and write while the higher level worksheets, based less on images and more on reading and writing tasks, are more suitable for older learners.
Scroll through our action songs to view sample worksheets and materials to help you decide which to download. Use the song finder feature on the home page to identity the right action song for your teaching needs fast.  You can also acquire a FunSongs Licence to help you boost and promote your teaching business.

First decide on the lexical field(s) you want to teach. Then using our action song search engine on the home page,  locate the most appropriate action song package. Once you have downloaded the package follow the instructions in the Teacher’s Notes. For an overview of the FunSongs Method download Charles Goodger’s e-book “Music and Mime, Rhythm and Rhyme.” You may also find this article published by EFL Magazine useful.

FunSongs action songs have been specially written to present and teach key vocabulary in a way in which your young learners will never forget. The FunSongs Method brings several expressive disciplines into the learning process: music, singing, mime, dance, poetry. Different intelligences are activated in the learners mind at the same time. Because of the emotional power of music and mime, learners are engaged in the learning process emotionally.

The FunSongs Method is an organized and highly effective way of presenting, teaching and learning new language through action songs. It’s a lot of fun both for teachers and learners. Our teaching action videos on the FunSongs YouTube channel  quickly help you learn the songs before you present them to your class. You can then use our graded worksheets, games and activities to recycle the themes and vocabulary of the action song in a variety of contexts.

Simple! Use the action song search facility to find the most appropriate action song for your course. For example it you’re looking for a song about parts of the body, insert “arms” into the search engine. You will then be redirected to two action songs packs: Time to Play and The Monster March. Once you have a pack that interests you, follow the instructions to buy it through PayPal. You can then download it immediately. Each pack contains a Teacher’s Notes page with instructions and suggestions on how to teach the song and make use of the graded worksheets. You can also acquire a FunSongs licence to download all our action song packs in one go, click here for further information.

Teachers or schools that decide to acquire a FunSongs Licence receive a free online course Charles Goodger. At the end of the course  you will be awarded an official  Practitioner Certificate from FunSongs Education plus the right to apply FunSongs logos to your promotional materials and social media.


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