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28th June 2021

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Action Songs
Presentative action songs and follow-up activities for English teachers

Charles Goodger Masterclass on using action songs with Gallery

Access the Gallery Teachers website to view many useful Masterclass courses and videos including a recent one with Charles Goodger on how to use action songs in the classroom. Download song packs from this website.
8th June 2021

FunSongs English Weeks

FunSongs Weeks summer 2021 at Il Nuovo Mulino
13th April 2021

Virtual Round Table Web Conference

The effect of Covid-19 has accelerated the use of online teaching and optimised digital tools. From 15 to 17 April 2021 some of the world’s leading educationalists, including Charles Goodger, provided language teachers with the latest developments in using software and apps to make your courses more fun and effective. Click for details, programme, and free registration
4th April 2021

Live Instagram with Charles Goodger and teacher trainer Cheeway Sun

16th March 2021

Story Song

Story time language song for kids by Charles Goodger with words by Rebecca Adlard for a FunSongs / Nowa Era project. The song is a good introduction to storytelling activities for young learners.
2nd March 2021

Gallery Teachers interview Charles Goodger – in Italian

If you understand Italian and follow FunSongs and Charles Goodger, you will find this recent interview interesting. Click here to see it. Charles talks about how action songs can help teachers achieve excellent results.
30th January 2021

FunSongs updates EU song post-Brexit

The EU has changed after Brexit. Get the updated of The Union Song.
9th January 2021

Good songs help learning

Al Bano endorses the song-writing talents of Charles Goodger.
5th January 2021

Ministry of Education endorses FunSongs

Tziona Levi likes the FunSongs program.
26th December 2020

Teacher trainers and the FunSongs Method

Find out why teacher trainers recommend the FunSongs Method.

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