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9th August 2019

Free action songs and videos!

You will soon be able to stream all our media files (videos and music) free. Starting this new school year, FunSongs Education will be making its collection of action songs easier to use in the classroom! Just visit our YouTube Channel and SoundCloud channels and click on the action song playlist of the song you want to teach. Real learning takes place after the song! However remember the real learning […]
8th May 2019

Save! No VAT on packages

It makes sense to buy now. Starting from April 2019, you can buy and download FunSongs action song packages without having to pay VAT tax. This applies to teachers and schools located within the European Union. Your school can also purchase an annual FunSongs licence for just €159.00 without the cost of added VAT tax. These changes are the result of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. However […]
2nd March 2019

El Gazette article about FunSongs in Israel

Teachers around the world read EL Gazette both in paper and digital form. In 2019 the magazine published an article by Charles Goodger about teaching English to children in Israel using the FunSongs Method. You can see the publication online by clicking below.
25th February 2019

Action Songs for EVO 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Charles Goodger of FunSongs Education was invited to provide teacher training and teacher development services by Dr. Nellie Deutsch of TEFL2YL, part of EVO TESOL, in the USA. The sessions took place in January and February 2019. Charles was responsible for moderating Week 4 on the correct use of language-learning action songs. Other weeks specialised in Storytelling with Julie Wong from New York […]
2nd February 2019

Join Week 4 of EVO 2019

You are invited to take part in EVO 2019. An interesting and useful opportunity for teachers of English to children. Charles Goodger will be talking about CLIL and action songs on Sunday 3rd February at 16:00 CET.Go here to subscribe free:
6th January 2019

Teach “A Song for Winter” – a sweet action song about playing in the snow

This is the coldest time of the year in the Europe and children are fascinated and excited by the beauty of falling snow. A Song for Winter teaches key words related to winter and playing in the snow. A sweet action song your English class will love learning, singing and performing. The latest version includes 5 worksheets to help you recycle and practice the language presented in the song.
14th November 2018

FunSongs Time to Play Promo video

8th October 2018

Children love action songs!

Using catchy action songs is a great way to teach English to young learners. With very small children aged from 3 the quality of the music is less important. However when using songs as teaching tools for older, primary school children, it’s essential to have songs with good, unforgettable tunes. Unfortunately many of the action songs freely available on the internet and youtube are desperately banal and only suitable for […]
24th September 2018

Save 50% now on the cost of action song packages – final days!

8th September 2018

FunSongs Courses at Antoniano Bologna

Everyone in Italy, old and young has heard of  the Antoniano organisation in Bologna. It is associated with the famous song competition for children, Lo Zecchino d’Oro which has regularly been transmitted on national RAI TV at Christmas time for over 60 years. In the 1998 version, the founder of FunSongs, Charles Goodger co-wrote a song in Italian and English, “Il Tesoro del Re” which sold 125,000 copies. Now twenty […]
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