The excitement of an action song performance

FunSongs workshop at IATEFL Belfast 20th May 2022
28th December 2021
Charles Goodger at the IATEFL conference
14th May 2022

The excitement of an action song performance

Children performing action songs to their parents. Donnini School, S. Lazzaro, Italy

Action Songs are made to be performed!

Teach action songs for your pupils to perform to their parents and grandparents or even other classes in your school.

Kids love singing and dancing.  Parents and grandparents are delighted to see their sons , daughters and grandchildren having fun and making progress with their English. An action song performance is an ideal addition to a school event.

The FunSongs Method of teaching English through music and mime, rhythm and rhyme transcends the bounds of normal school lessons by introducing an exciting element of entertainment. This  can be used to achieve even better results in didactic terms.

Always tell your class at the start of an action song module that they will be performing the song. This gives the learning process an important boost. Children are more focused and committed when they know they will be performing at a future event.

After years of watching children perform my songs I can guarantee they wll never forget them!

Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger is a musician and English teacher and the founder of FunSongs Education. Originally from London, he is a language expert and teacher trainer at Bologna University. ELT teachers in Europe, China, Russia, India and Turkey have attended his workshops and use FunSongs materials.

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