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Time to Play


All kids love to learn, sing and act out Time to Play. Teach it to present and practise numbers, some essential verbs and prepositions of movement and body parts. The graded worksheets and exercises in the action song package are useful for reworking and consolidating learning and pronunciation.

This is what you get:

  • Three MP3 files for Time to Play: two guide-voice versions (the original Charles Goodger voice and the song sung by a child ) + the kids’ music-only, karaoke version to check learning and for school performances.
  • Lyric sheet with guitar chords (D, A7, G).
  • PDF book with the complete set of files and worksheets. You can either photocopy these or project them on a LIM for follow-up teaching in class.
  • A complete teaching actions video. Quickly learn the song and its actions.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: how to use the FunSongs Method and the graded worksheets
  • A set of 8 graded, photocopiable worksheets for recycling the song’s language and vocabulary in class and for homework.

Vocabulary and language

Time to Play celebrates the joy of friendship and playing. Teach it to present and teach:

  • Numbers
  • Verbs of movement: jump, touch, bend, stretch, stamp
  • Key prepositions: by, in, on, round
  • Body parts: shoulders, hands, arms, muscles

Nouns: time, hands, snake, tree, lake, tennis, friend, ball, end, shoulders, arms, muscles, palms, ground
Verbs:   to be, to say, to clap, to turn, to bend, to play, to touch, to flex, to rub
1, 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, counting, eight, five, four, ground, hip, hip hop, lake, monsters, nine, one, place, seven, six, snake, space, ten, tennis, three, time, toe, two

Sample files for Time to Play - Take a look

Time to Play  – Britty the FunSongs puppet finds time to play: action song cartoon your younger learners will enjoy

Time to Play  – Worksheet: example of graded worksheet (opens in new tab)

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