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A Song for Winter – celebrating the seasons
4th July 2016
Sample Video

65 Million Years Ago – Dinosaurs action song


65 Million Years Ago has amazing dinosaur sound effects that your children will enjoy. A fun and engaging way of presenting and practising parts of the body and immersing your class in the remote past.

Your PDF contains:

  • Photocopiable song sheet with the words of the action song. You can also project this in class.
  • Music chords.
  • Teacher Guide: tips and ideas on how to create a teaching module based around the song
  • Youtube streaming links to teaching and performance videos.
  • SoundCloud streaming links to three versions of the song: child voice, goodger voice, karaoke.
  • Four photocopiable worksheets based on the song’s language and themes.

Vocabulary and Language
Teach 65 Million Years Ago to revise colours, body parts practise the interrogative pronouns who and where.  Children love performing this action song.

Click here to see a class performing the song at a school event.

Sample files

Some sample pages from your PDF:

65 million years ago – Words (opens in new tab)

65 million years ago – Sample Worksheet (opens in new tab)


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