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Time to Play
27th May 2023
Aliens & Villagers action song role-play
11th June 2023

65 Million Years Ago


Al children are fascinated by dinosuars and the prehistoric world. This action song takes them back to when the earth was a different place populated by huge monsters!
Improve your teaching with our Action Pack. This pack gives you full access to a special video that shows teaching actions, different mp3 versions of 65 Million Years Ago, plus a valuable set of games, worksheets, and classroom activities that you can photocopy or project. Great materials for making learning fun. The worksheets are sorted by difficulty level.
Buy and download now to make your classes more exciting and help your children learn better.

65 Million Years Ago has funny dinosaur sound effects that your children will enjoy. An engaging and effective musical way of presenting and practising parts of the body and immersing your class in the remote past. Kids love singing and performing this unforgettable action song.

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