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2nd November 2017
Easter Spring Song – celebrate nature in a seasonal action song
25th January 2018
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The Monster March – teach 14 body parts in 90 seconds!


Your students will love learning and performing The Monster March. The action song teaches 14 parts of the body in a way your classes will never forget. Its hypnotic rhythm, catchy tune and unforgettable rhymes make this one of FunSongs most favourite packages. After your kids have learnt it, they will enjoy the progressively challenging tasks and activities based on the vocabulary and themes presented in the song. The package comes with 10 graded worksheets.

This is what you get with your The Monster March action song package:

  • PDF book with the complete set of  files and worksheets. You can either photocopy these or project them for follow-up teaching in class.
  • Three MP3 files of “The Monster March”: two guide-voice versions for teaching the song and a karaoke, music-only version for school performances.
  • Songsheet (with guitar chords).
  • The full teaching actions video. Quickly learn the song and its actions.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans:  suggestions on how to use the worksheets
  • A set of  graded, photocopiable worksheets for recycling the song’s
    language and vocabulary in class or for homework.

Vocabulary and language

This favourite action song teaches 14 parts of the body and 11 verbs of movement in a way your English class will never forget. Kids act out scary aliens from outer space who terrify everyone with their frightening appearance and gestures.
The action song package comes with 10 graded, photocopiable activity worksheets for follow-up work at home or in class.

Nouns: hands, thumbs, cheeks, fingers, feet, arms, body, monster march, monsters, elbow, wrist, chin, fist, lips, hips, knees,  in line,  Monster March, space
Verbs:   put, press, wiggle, stamp, hang, punch, move, come, do, terrify, have fun
monsters, nine, one, place, seven, six, snake, space, ten, tennis, three, time, toe, two

Sample teaching actions video

Click to see two children performing the song in the music room of the International School of Riga.


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