Enrol in EVO 2017 – free online courses

Young learners from Karaj, Islamic Republic of Iran, perform “On Halloween”
6th November 2016
FunSongs Fitness launched in Italy
18th November 2016

Enrol in EVO 2017 – free online courses

Starting on January 8th 2017 and continuing until  February 11th, teachers from around the globe can benefit from a series of free online courses on different aspects of teaching young learners English and integrating technology.
Coordinated by Dr Nellie Deutsch, sign up for the following modules. Receive an online badge for every weekly activity you complete. This is a wonderful way of furthering your career, developing your skills and meeting new colleagues.

Sign up here!

WEEK 1 Introductory module with Dr. Nellie Deutsch from January 8 – 14
Get familiarised with Moodle, meet the other participants from around the world, discuss issues of concern to teaches in a global context.

WEEK 2 Storytelling with Dr. Nellie Deutsch from January 15 – 21
Storytelling is a key part of teaching language to kids. This course will help you become an expert.

WEEK 3 Board Games with Nives Torresi from January 22 – 28
Being able to organise classroom activities in which children learn through playing together is a key skill for teachers.
After a detailed overview of language-learning board games, Nives Torresi will help create your own games for your classes.

WEEK 4 Actions Songs with Charles Goodger from January 29 – February 4
All visitors and subscribers to the FunSongs website are welcome! As well as a look at the basic neurology linking music and language, I will showcase best practices for using action song modules and show you how to create your own language-learning action songs and worksheets.

WEEK 5 Creating Class Resources with Julie Pratten from February 5 – 11
How to be  a creative English teacher with minimum resources. Julie Pratten will show you how to use a range of materials ranging from papier maché to yoghurt pots.




Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger is the founder and creative power behind FunSongs Education. Teachers, parents and children have sung and performed his action songs all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact him directly on +39 347 1279709 or charles@funsongs.co.uk

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