25th May 2023

Nonni Nipoti Lab in Milan

On the afternoon of Friday, May 19, 2023, the very first FunSongs Grandparents and Grandchildren Workshop was held at Centro Pime in Milan.  Charles Goodger started with the action song “What’s Your Favorite Animal,” which everyone learned in 10 minutes, followed by the more challenging action song about the five senses, “Thrive.” To conclude, Charles Goodger taught, using expressive gestures, the chorus of the provocative song “Best for the World.” […]
17th May 2023

Learning together in Milan

(Traduzione in italiano sotto) Basic English communication skills are essential in today’s world, and it’s not just school children who are eager to learn. Many retirees, now with time and resources to travel, are keen on learning English to enhance their experiences abroad. This is especially important in Italy, where the aging population and declining birthrate highlight the vital role grandparents play in supporting their families. Recognizing this, FunSongs founder […]
3rd August 2022

Penny Ur endorses FunSongs action songs

(Traduzione in italiano sotto) The 2023 ETAI international conference for English teachers held in Jerusalem, Israel in July featured some of the world’s leading experts. The best known was Penny Ur, famous worldwide for her coursebooks and practical approach to classroom teaching and management at every level. I had the honour of welcoming Penny Ur to my workhop on using fun songs in the classroom. After the workshop Penny Ur […]
4th September 2018

FunSongs in Nazareth

On September 11h Charles Goodger will be flying to Nazareth to provide FunSongs teacher training to the English teachers at the newly established ENGLISH STOP language school. As well as using our action songs and worksheets, the school intends to stage FunSongs bilingual (English/Arabic) puppet and action song shows in local schools and community centres to promote its courses. Nazareth receives many Christian tourists and it’s paramount for people working […]

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