The Joy of a FunSongs Show

Charles Goodger Masterclass on using action songs with Gallery
28th June 2021

The Joy of a FunSongs Show

For generations of children taking part in an interactive FunSongs Show is a memory that will remain forever. Just view the comments and testimonials from teachers! And that’s why using comedy, action songs and bilingual puppets can be such a powerful combination in early age language teaching!
Click here to see a few moments of a FunSongs Show.
Much more than just English!
As well as the combined diciplines of dancing, singing and miming in which the young audience is interactively involved, many of the original highly-catchy action songs taught in a FunSongs Shows (action song packs available for download on the FunSongs website) transcend language teaching to highight themes of significant educational value. These include climate change, world identity, respect for nature and water conservation.
Get involved locally!
If you’re interested in inviting FunSongs to your school please contact Charles Goodger. FunSongs Shows are currently available in three countries: Italy, Latvia and Israel/Palestine. You may also be interested in a FunSongs franchise to stage FunSongs Shows in your own area. Again contact Charles.

John Swain
John Swain
John Swain is a writer and journalist. He takes a keen interest in FunSongs Education and has contributed several blogposts to the News section of the FunSongs Education website.

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