The FunSongs Puppets and Monster Show at the Alsaraya Theatre

FunSongs Quiz Show at Liceo Copernico, Bologna
11th January 2006
Useful website for English teachers
25th October 2016

The FunSongs Puppets and Monster Show at the Alsaraya Theatre



On a visit to Tel Aviv in earlier this year Charles Goodger met up with Mohammed Kundos, actor, musician and  director of the Alsaraya Theatre in Jaffa, Israel. The two musicians decided to work together for the benefit of local Arabic-speaking children learning English. August 1st marked the first performance of the FunSongs Puppets and Monster Show performed by Mohammed  and the actress and English teacher Rania Saba.

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Mohammed Kundos and Rania Sabia at the Alsraya Theatre in Jaffa

This version of the FunSongs Show is an adaptation in English and Arabic of the ordinal FunSongs Monster Show, performed in schools, theatres and community centres in Italy and Latvia since 2002.  For further details of the show and to book FunSongs at your school please contact Charles Goodger here or on Whatssapp at +39 347 1279709.

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