Kids singing action songs

30th June 2018

FunSongs Celebration Video goes viral

  A video of edited highlights of Italian 5th grade children singing and miming 12 action songs at a FunSongs school event in front of parents has gained over a 1000 views on the FunSongs YouTube channel in just three days! Click to view it here and please pass it on or post a link on your Facebook! The children are not always in tune but that doesn’t  matter. The  […]
26th May 2018

FunSongs Celebration – a big success with parents, teachers and children

On Saturday 26 May 2018 at Donini School in S. Lazzaro di Savena near Bologna, Italy, Charles Goodger presented the FunSongs PON Show.
14th May 2018

FunSongs Workshops in Israel

Today, Monday 14 May 2018 marked the start of an interesting collaboration between FunSongs Education and the Israeli Ministry of Education. As part of the US-Embassy funded Let’s Talk program, FunSongs has been invited to provide theatre and music-based activities to Junior High Schools all over Israel. The project aims to raise levels of English conversation among 12-year olds. You can buy and download The Monster March action song package […]
8th November 2017

FunSongs Quiz Shows shows in Cento

              On Wednesday 8 November Charles Goodger and Nick Divona staged a FunSongs Quiz Show for Scuola Media students at the Scuola Paritaria “Elisabetta Renzi” in the picturesque Italian town of Cento not far from Ferrara. The event was a great success. FunSongs Quiz Shows with their unique format, are specially designed to immerse students in the foreign language in an entertaining and challenging […]
6th November 2016

Young learners from Karaj, Islamic Republic of Iran, perform “On Halloween”

Congratulations to Prof. Heidarian and the students at Sepehr Language Academy in Karaj for sending FunSongs this video. Even though singing is quite unusual in English class in Iran, the Sepehr Academy is happy to make its voice felt. What is also interesting interculturally  is this. Halloween is an ancient Celtic event with connections to the Christian festival, All Souls Day. I think it’s great that children are actively taught to have […]
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