FunSongs Shows

A FunSongs Show is an unforgettable experience for young learners of English. It combines elements of comedy, pantomime and bilingual puppetry with the didactic and mnemonic power of FunSongs action songs.

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Expert teacher-actors

Expert teacher-actors entertain and interact with the children as they help them to mime and sing. Children leave the show having learnt catchy new English songs and language chunks they will never forget. FunSongs action songs have been specially written to present key language. And after the show in class, you can repeat and recycle the songs and language the children have learned in the show and perform the action songs to happy parents.

See how the interaction works

Watch a scene from the FunSongs Puppets and Monster Show in English and Arabic filmed at the Hebrew Arabic Theatre in Jaffa. FunSongs Shows are currently available to schools and classes in Italy, Latvia, Israel, Singapore and Malaysia.

Language levels and themes

Language levels and themes. There are appropriate themes for children aged from 6 to 10. Speak to FunSongs directly to find the most appropriate shows for your classes. Watch how actors present an action song to 7-year-olds in the show.

The FunSongs Quiz Show

The FunSongs Quiz Show has a highly original format. Devised by Charles Goodger for older students (10 to 14) expert mother-tongue actors and teachers involve up to 80 students in an entertaining and dynamic quiz competition between two teams. Multiple choice questions on sports and hobbies, people, places, animals and food and an exciting points system will keep your students focused for up to 85 minutes – all in English! Contact FunSongs for details.

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Some comments from teachers who regularly book FunSongs Shows:

Marica Triola

Carducci Primary School Bologna, Italy

My colleagues and I chose FunSongs to come to our school because of the excellent reports we'd heard. We weren't disappointed. Professional acting, singing and teaching, comedy, good action songs and the funny puppets Britty and Itty kept my classes fully involved and learning all the time.

Chiara De Pieri, Venice, Italy

Yesterday FunSongs came to our school to perform the FunSongs Monster Show. It was great! We have lots of material to work on the songs in the show. Very useful.

Maria Teresa Brintazzoli, Bologna, Italy

These workshops at school are a valid opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. They combine the traditions of puppetry and pantomime with Charles Goodger's catchy action songs. The follow-up material is excellent.