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The Ladybird Song


Your English classes will never forget The Ladybird Song, an action song  that celebrates the difference between human beings and animals in terms of abilities and identity. When your children have learnt it, they can perform the action song at school concerts and events. The song has a strong CLIL theme which is highlighted in the more challenging worksheets in the e-book.


This is what you get with your The Ladybird Song action song package:

  • Access to three MP3 files for The Ladybird Song : two guide-voice versions (original Charles Goodger and child voice ) +  karaoke version to check learning and for school performances.
  • Lyric sheet with guitar chords.
  • Set of beautifully  illustrated teaching action sheets in colour.
  • PDF e-book with the complete set of files and worksheets to photocopy these or project  on a LIM for follow-up teaching in class.
  • Teaching actions video link. Quickly learn the song and its actions.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: tips and suggestions on how to use the FunSongs Method and the graded worksheets
  • A set of  6 illustrated worksheets and classroom activities to recycle the contents of the song in a variety of contexts. You can photocopy and print them or project them on an electronic whiteboard.

Vocabulary and language

You can teach and practise these words in The Ladybird Song:

Nouns: Earth, sky, eagle, air, insect, ladybird, world, water, sea, fish, mermaid, whale, dolphin, tail, boy, girl, snail, bird
Verbs:   can, can’t, fly, breathe,
Adjectives:  tiny, natural

Teach The Ladybird Song to:

  • Present and practise the words for different animals (mammals, fish, birds, reptiles).
  • Highlight abilities: what some animals can do that we can’t.
  • Focus on the diversity of life and nature.


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