FunSongs action song workshops

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A FunSongs Show is an unforgettable workshop for young learners of English. It combines elements of comedy and bilingual puppetry with the didactic and mnemonic power of FunSongs action songs. Teachers and children love Charles Goodger’s action songs for their catchy tunes and carefully chosen lyrics. 

Expert teacher-actors entertain and interact with the children as they help them to mime and sing. Children leave the show well on the way to learning language chunks they will never forget. And after the show in class, you can recycle what the children have learnt in the show and perform the songs to parents.

Teaching an action in English
Appropriacy and Levels
. There are appropriate themes for all primary school age groups and levels. Schools that order shows are also eligible for free access to FunSongs action packages.

FunSongs Shows feature the funny puppet and FunSongs mascot Britty.  He interacts in English with another puppet who speaks the children’s native language. This allows children to understand the English of the  comical bilingual sketches instantly. Our puppet sketches are based on the words of the action songs children are taught during the show.

20160801_104234_HDRDownloads of FunSongs materials are provided to schools which order our shows. These include a useful preparatory language sheet for teachers to prepare students before the show. This helps the learning process.

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