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2nd February 2020
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We are the Future


We are the Future celebrates a sense of world identity and civic responsibility in the post-covid age. We are all children in the world and that we all hold its future in our hands. Very useful for teaching and practising correct pronunciation and practising the interrogative form of to be and the relative promoun who.
Children love performing this song which for years closed the end of the FunSongs Show.


Your We are the Future action song ebook contains:

  • Access to the  We are the Future playlist on the Soundcloud platform to stream the songs in class:  +  karaoke version to check learning and for school performances.
  • Link to a video with suggestions about how to teach the song through expressive movements.
  • Song sheet plus guitar chords.
  • A set of  illustrated worksheets and classroom activities to recycle the contents of the song in a variety of contexts to photocopy or project.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: ueful, time-saving suggestions on how to use the FunSongs Method and adapt the activities to you teaching situation.

Vocabulary and language

The language of We are the Future:is very simple.Its language-learning value is in the pronunciation and accentuation of 22 country adjectives. The action song also gives you a useful way and fun way of practising the interrogative form of the verb to with the relative pronoun who. 

Teach We are the Future: to:

  • Learn the correct pronunciation of 22 country adjectives
  • Practise Who are you? Who are they? Who are we? Who am I?  
  • Celebrate the anti-racist concept of global identity and the notion of a world family
  • Reinforce the idea of civic responsibility in a post-covid world

Nouns: Future, world, children
Verbs:   to be
Adjectives: English German Italian Chinese American Bosnian Brazilian Pakistani Spanish Cambodian Iraqi Polish French Malay
Irish Mongolian Indian Canadian Russian Thai Somali Turkish
Adverbs: too
Pronouns: Who, I, You, We, They
Prepositions: of, in
Conjunctions: or

Sample files for this ebook.

Children learn FunSongs action songs fast. However their real value is in what you as a language teacher do with the language and content after learning has taken place.



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