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1st February 2018
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15th July 2018
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Our Autumn Song – celebrating the seasons


Our Autumn Song captures the mood of a typical English autumn from the perspective of a schoolchild. Summer’s over, and it’s back to school.   The weather’s colder, days are shorter and the leaves on the trees are turning brown and yellow and falling to the ground.  Your class will identify strongly with the themes in this action song.

This is what you get with your Our Autumn Song e-book:

  • Photocopiable song sheet with the words of the action song. You can also project this in class.
  • Music chords.
  • Teacher Guide: tips and ideas on how to create a teaching module based around the song
  • Youtube streaming links to teaching and performance videos.
  • SoundCloud streaming links to three versions of the song: child voice, goodger voice, karaoke.
  • Eight photocopiable worksheets based on the song’s language and themes.


Vocabulary and language

You can practise and learn these words in Our Autumn Song:

Nouns: Wind, leaf, leaves, day, night, song, summer, school, lesson, homework, numbers, door, autumn, fall, time, year, street, chestnut, fire
Verbs:   to listen, to call, to fall, to be, to grow, to roast, to sweep
Adjectives:  brown, yellow, short, long, cold

Teach Our Autumn Song to:

  • Present and practise words related to a typical English autumn
  • Focus minds on the start of the new school year. This is a great action song for September and the start of the new school year.


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