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Nature’s Plan – an action song about growth and change


An action song about growth and change in life and nature: seeds that become plants, caterpillars, butterflies, tadpoles, frogs and babies, birth and becoming adults. Particularly suitable to teach and perform as part of a cross-curricular or CLIL project about nature.

The Nature’s Plan action song e-book contains:

  • A complete teaching actions video. Quickly learn the song and its actions before teaching it to your classes.
  • Two MP3 files of Nature’s Plan – the original Charles Goodger voice and and the music-only, karaoke version for performances and events.
  • Lyric sheet with guitar chords.
  • Teaching actions sheet
  • Set of 5 graded PDF worksheets to rework the content of the song. You can  photocopy or project them on a LIM.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: suggestions and ideas on how to use the FunSongs Method and the graded worksheets.

Vocabulary and language

Teach Nature’s Plan to present and practise:

  • Words related to growth and transformation in the natural world: seed, plant, caterpillar, butterfly, butterflies, tadpole, frog, baby, man, nature. This is a great song to use in a cross-curricular or CLIL project.

Sample files and video

Nature’s Plan  – watch part of the teaching actions video.
Access the full version when you download the package.

Nature’s Plan  – Title page of e-book

Nature’s Plan  – Sample worksheet: classroom role-play


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