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I’m a Sailor


I’m a Sailor  is a happy action song about sailing ships and the sea. You can introduce this CLIL activity by explaining  (in L1) that the song tells the story of  Jack, a young English boy from Bristol who hides on a sailing ship about to leave for Boston in America. The captain discovers him and enrols Jack as a junior sailor.  He sings this joyful song on his return voyage home to his parents and family across the Atlantic Ocean. The story is set in the 18th century.


This is what you get with your I’m a Sailor action song package:

  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: useful suggestions on how to use this package and its worksheets.
  • A full  teaching actions video of I’m a SailorLearn the song and its actions before bringing  it to your classes.
  • 2 MP3 files of I’m a Sailor: a guide-voice version and the music-only, karaoke version for performances and school events.
  • A song sheet (with guitar chords).
  • A set of  4 photocopiable  worksheets and classroom activities to recycle the contents of the song in a variety of contexts.

Vocabulary and Language
You can teach and practise these words in I’m a Sailor:

Nouns: sailor, sea, ship, ocean, America, wind, sky, home
Verbs:   to be, to look at, to sail
Adjectives:  big, blue

Teach I’m a Sailor to:

  • Introduce the theme of the oceans and the sea
  • Notions of geography, history and technology
  • Learn and practice some simple verbs including to look at 


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