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I Love Summer – celebrating the seasons


I Love Summer is a happy action song about the long summer holidays and the things young children love to do, especially on the beach: playing in the sand, building sandcastles, jumping in the waves. Give your class a sense of joyful anticipation as the school year comes to an end.


Click to hear a sample of I Love Summer sung by children.

Click to hear a sample of I Love Summer sung by the author Charles Goodger

This is what you get with your I Love Summer action song e-book:

  • Access to the I Love Summer  playlist on to stream the songs in class: two guide-voice versions (original Charles Goodger and child voice ) +  karaoke version to check learning and for school performances.
  • A song sheet (with guitar chords)
  • Teaching actions sheet with details of how to teach the song through expressive gestures.  Study it while you watch the teaching actions video.
  • A set of 6 illustrated worksheets  to recycle the contents of the song in a variety of contexts. To photocopy or project.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: suggestions on how to use this resource.

Vocabulary and language

Nouns: Sea, waves, sun, water, seaside, fun, sandcastle, sand, beach, playground, end, land, day, ice-cream, tongue, month, school
Verbs:   to run, to splash, to jump, to play, to lick, to cycle, to build, to do, to love, to have fun
Adjectives:  cool, long, hot, sweet, salty, over
Key words:  summer song,  beach song seaside,vacation song, playing on the beach

Teach I Love Summer to:

  • Present and practise words related to the sea-side. the beach and summer vacations.
  • Introduce a sense of anticipation as the school year draws to an end.
  • Sing about things children enjoy doing and associate with the summer.


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