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Easter Spring Song


Your English classes will love Easter Spring song. When your children have learnt it, they can perform the action song at school concerts and events. The song teaches key language about the seasons, weather and the traditional spring festival in a way your students will never forget! The e-book will help you recycle and practice the themes and language presented in the action song.


This is what you get with your Easter Spring Song action song pack:

  • A complete teaching actions video of Easter Spring Song. Learn the song and its actions before teaching it to your classes.
  • Three MP3 files of Easter Spring Song: two guide-voice versions (Goodger and child voice) and the music-only, karaoke version to check learning and to play for performances and events.
  • A song sheet
  • A set of  7 illustrated worksheets and classroom activities to recycle the contents of the song in a variety of contexts. You can photocopy and print them or project them on an electronic whiteboard.
  • Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plans: suggestions on how to use the FunSongs Method and adapt the activities.

Vocabulary and language

You can practise and learn these words in Easter Spring Song:

Nouns: January, February, nights, sun, mornings, sun, spring, Easter, flowers, trees, sky, air, March, April, school, bunnies, chicks, eggs, hunts, chocolate, morning, lunch
Verbs:   to be, to grow, to sing,
Adjectives:  long, cold, wet, little, blue, warm, high, true, more, near, very
Adverbs: now, no more


Teach Easter Spring Song to:

  • Present and practice words related to the weather and change in seasons.
  • Highlight traditions and activities enjoyed by English-speaking children at Easter time.
  • Provide an action song which can be performed at school concerts and events.

Contents and samples. Please click



Worksheet 3 English Easter Egg Hunt

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