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A Song for Winter – celebrating the seasons
4th July 2016
FunSongs Action Songs CD Vol. 1
6th October 2016

Aliens and Villagers


An action song role-play designed to practice names and jobs. Each villager adopts a new identity:  a name and a job and is interrogated by the Aliens Choir in a line.  Children  are either Villagers or Aliens. The Aliens have come to find out about the Villagers.  They want to know each villager’s name and job.
Great fun and extremely effective.

Two MP3 files for “Aliens and Villagers”: the guide-voice version for teaching the role-play and the kids’ music-only version for your children to sing with when they perform. The words of the sample role-play. Guitar chords (C, G7, F)  Illustrations of the jobs to teach and reinforce the language through mime and movement. Use the photocopiable worksheet to practice te language

Vocabulary and language

The Aliens and Villagers action song role-play teaches and  practises two key identity questions:

    • “What’s your name?”
    • “What’s your job?”

and some simple vocabulary connected to common jobs and professions:
secretary, fireman, gardener, babysitter, dancer, boxer, baker, dentist, cleaner, sailor, policewoman, teacher.


Sample files

Click to see one of the names and jobs sheets in the package:
Sample file for Aliens and Villagers .


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