Teach I Love Christmas!
23rd November 2019
The Ladybird Song – an action song about diversity in nature
29th January 2020

Presenting A Song for Winter

This  delicate action song is much loved by young learners around the world. The poem within the song celebrates the beauty of a winter landscape  and the fun kids can have out in the open. From January 18th 2020 different versions of the song will be available for streaming and download on the major digital platforms.

For just €5 download the relative  e-book with games, activities and useful worksheets to recycle the language and themes presented in the easy-to-teach-and learn action song!
Click here for more information and the download link.

Your e-book contains:

  • 5 worksheets to practice the language. Photocopy or project on your IWB 
  • Links to the full Teaching Actions video. Learn the song perfectly in 5 minutes before you teach it to your classes
  • Lyrics sheet with guitar chords for those who can strum
  • Teacher Notes with ideas and suggestions  on how to create a module based on the song.
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger is the founder and creative power behind FunSongs Education. Teachers, parents and children have sung and performed his action songs all over the world. Do not hesitate to contact him directly on +39 347 1279709 or charles@funsongs.co.uk

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