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21st June 2017

Charlie Swain event in Bologna 20 July

FunSongs Education’s founder entertains the public.  Under his stage name Charlie Swain, Charles Goodger often interprets a range of songs in different languages on both the piano and the guitar. “As a working musician and composer, it’s really important to play live. It provides an incentive to keep studying and practising.” There’s nothing worse than indifference from the crowd at the end of a song!   
12th June 2017

Favourite Animals Shows at The International School of Como

On 9th June 2017 Nic Divona and Charles Goodger performed two FunSongs Favourite Animals Shows at the prestigious International School of Como. The teachers and children who took part were highly appreciative of the interactive workshop. Contact Charles Goodger directly in Bologna if you are interested in staging FunSongs Shows at your school. Tel. +39 347 1279709 or complete the show booking form and we will contact you to make […]
30th May 2017

Seminar on using action songs for teaching English at Bologna University

  FunSongs Education’s founder Charles Goodger has been invited to hold a series of seminars on using action songs for language teaching. Thursday, June 1st has been designated  “FunSongs Day”  at the Department of Educational Sciences at Bologna University. Please follow this link  and then click on SFP for further details. 
26th April 2017

FunSongs Fitness inizia sabato 13 maggio

Se sei qui probabilmente sei insegnante d’inglese e quindi il corso innovativo per gli adulti italiani non ti interessa. Tuttavia potrebbe essere d’interesse a qualcuno che conosci e pertanto ti invitiamo a diffondere l’iniziativa. Si tratta di un abbinamento innovativo di diverse abilità e intelligenze all’insegna del benessere fisico e l’apprendimento dell’inglese. Le cinque sedute, tenute da Charles Goodger e Kate Costa – ballerina, cantante e attrice madrelingua presso il […]
25th March 2017

2017 Easter Spring song e-book now available!

You can now download the new Easter Spring song e-book for €6.99. As well as three mp3s and the full teaching actions video, the e-book comes with a set of graded activity sheets to help you recycle and practice the language and themes in the song. 
19th February 2017

View the IATEFL Global Issues webinar with Charles Goodger

FunSongs Puppets and Monster Show webinar for IATEFL. In this well attended webinar recorded on February 19th 2017 Charles described his experience as a theatre director at the Al Saraya theatre in Israel.  Al Saraya is the Arab-language section of the famous Arab-Israeli theatre in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv. Click here for more information and to see a recording of the webinar.   
8th February 2017

Full immersion experience for Italian English Students – FunSongs Quiz Show

Today, 8th February 2017, FunSongs actors  Kate Costa and Nick Divona together with Quiz Master Charles Goodger held two FunSongs Quiz Shows for around 100 students at the San Tommaso Scuola Media in Bologna. FunSongs was  invited to hold the event by the head English teacher Cristiana Lamberti. The children, aged from 11 to 13, seemed to enjoy the full-immersion experience immensely. If you teach English at a Scuola Media in […]
19th January 2017

Reources, ideas and activities from Kisactivities

Daniel Martìn is a creative English teacher based in Leon, Spain. He is also an author, teacher-trainer and vocalist for the Spanish rock’n’roll band Apollo VI. and contributed material to the FunSongs Monster March e-book. Last week Daniel launched a new resource for language teachers – Kisactivities. It’s well laid out and simple to use with simple suggestions for getting your teenage students motivated and engaged in the learning process. Daniel […]
18th November 2016

FunSongs Fitness launched in Italy

After a series of successful experiments conducted at the Costarena Cultural Centre in Bologna with groups of adults aged from 20 to 80 in the summer of 2016, Charles Goodger has officially launched FunSongs Fitness. Based on FunSongs action songs, the scheme is specifically tailored for adults keen to practise their knowledge and pronunciation of the international language while keeping fit. Click here to the view the FunSongs Fitness page (in Italian).  […]

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