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9th December 2017

Danny Singh writes about music in language teaching for HLT

I met Danny Singh at a TESOL conference in Thessaloniki, Greece a few years ago. He’s a very talented teacher, a creative and funny guy. Danny’s also an excellent writer and here’s a link to an interesting article on using music in teaching he wrote  recently published on the HLTmag  website Go to Danny Singh’s article The Power of Music in Learning
8th November 2017

FunSongs Quiz Shows shows in Cento

              On Wednesday 8 November Charles Goodger and Nick Divona staged a FunSongs Quiz Show for Scuola Media students at the Scuola Paritaria “Elisabetta Renzi” in the picturesque Italian town of Cento not far from Ferrara. The event was a great success. FunSongs Quiz Shows with their unique format, are specially designed to immerse students in the foreign language in an entertaining and challenging […]
15th October 2017

Get the On Halloween e-book now! Special Discount for Teachers

Celebrate the ancient festival of Halloween with your English class. Your kids will love it! Listen to part of the action song! Watch the Teaching Actions video! SPECIAL DISCOUNT COUPON Insert the coupon code On_Halloween_2017 into the coupon field in your online shopping cart to get a special discount worth €2.50 on the normal price of €6.99.  Click for details and to buy. 
25th September 2017

FunSongs promotion with Antoniano in Bologna

  On Saturday 23 September Charles Goodger held a workshop for young Italian children in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna. The event was organised by Antoniano, the Italian organisation famous for its annual song competition. FunSongs will be holding special Music and English courses starting October.       
5th September 2017

Action songs workshop for 40 teachers at IC Malalbergo near Bologna, Italy

  This large Istituto Comprensivo in Altedo near Bologna serves the families living in the northern suburbs of  Italy’s fifth largest metropolis, Bologna. On Wednesday 6th September Charles Goodger will give a three-hour workshop to the teaching staff on how to integrate action songs into their English courses. The workshop also includes free  access to the FunSongs database of FunSongs action songs, teaching videos and e-books.  If you would like […]
6th August 2017

Announcing our new teaching action video page!

Sometimes teachers tell me it’s not always finding videos of our action songs on youtube or the FunSongs website. So we’ve created a dedicated page with links to all our teaching action videos. Please try it out and pass it on if you like it!

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