28th February 2020

Schools closed in Northern Italy as paranoia sets in

Schools in Northern Italy have been closed for almost a week now because of precautionary measures to reduce contagion of the Covid-19 virus. 🤐 This is putting extra pressure on families since both parents often work full-time. Fortunately many families can rely on the help of retired grandparents to look after their kids while they are off school. Paranoia and fear of Covid-19 seem to be spreading faster than the […]
30th January 2020

FunSongs workshops for Belarus teachers

Charles Goodger will be in Minsk, Belarus to hold a series of teacher workshops from 4th to 10th February 2020. Thanks to young learner teacher Julia Shareiko whom he met at EdYouFest in England in summer 2019, he has been invited to present the FunSongs Method. English teaching is taken very seriously in the small republic. If you are interested in organising a FunSongs Workshop with Charles, do contact him. […]
29th January 2020

The Ladybird Song – an action song about diversity in nature

From 29th January 2020 teachers can download an updated version The Ladybird Song, Charles Goodger’s classic action song about different species of animals and what they can and cannot do. Check out the teaching action actions video and action song pack now!
16th January 2020

Presenting A Song for Winter

This  delicate action song is much loved by young learners around the world. The poem within the song celebrates the beauty of a winter landscape  and the fun kids can have out in the open. From January 18th 2020 different versions of the song will be available for streaming and download on the major digital platforms. For just €5 download the relative  e-book with games, activities and useful worksheets to recycle the language and themes presented […]
23rd November 2019

Teach I Love Christmas!

Your kids – their parents too! – will love learning and working on this action songYou can download the song now for just €5. The download includes links to the free FunSongs YouTube and SoundCloud channels. The download package comes with 9 really useful worksheets – hours of classroom work.
27th October 2019

On Halloween for mainstream market

Thanks to an agreement between FunSongs Education and Teorema Music Group, Charles Goodger’s much loved action song On Halloween is now available for the mainstream entertainment market. Teachers can still view and listen to the song free on the FunSongs YouTube and SoundCloud playlists and buy and download the On Halloween Teacher Pack for just €5. Check it out now! If you like the song please spread the news by […]
9th August 2019

Free action songs and videos!

You will soon be able to stream all our media files (videos and music) free. Starting this new school year, FunSongs Education will be making its collection of action songs easier to use in the classroom! Just visit our YouTube Channel and SoundCloud channels and click on the action song playlist of the song you want to teach. Real learning takes place after the song! However remember the real learning […]
8th May 2019

Save! No VAT on packages

It makes sense to buy now. Starting from April 2019, you can buy and download FunSongs action song packages without having to pay VAT tax. This applies to teachers and schools located within the European Union. Your school can also purchase an annual FunSongs licence for just €159.00 without the cost of added VAT tax. These changes are the result of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. However […]
2nd March 2019

El Gazette article about FunSongs in Israel

Teachers around the world read EL Gazette both in paper and digital form. In 2019 the magazine published an article by Charles Goodger about teaching English to children in Israel using the FunSongs Method. You can see the publication online by clicking below.
25th February 2019

Action Songs for EVO 2019

For the fourth year in a row, Charles Goodger of FunSongs Education was invited to provide teacher training and teacher development services by Dr. Nellie Deutsch of TEFL2YL, part of EVO TESOL, in the USA. The sessions took place in January and February 2019. Charles was responsible for moderating Week 4 on the correct use of language-learning action songs. Other weeks specialised in Storytelling with Julie Wong from New York […]

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