26th December 2020

Teacher trainers and the FunSongs Method

Find out why teacher trainers recommend the FunSongs Method.
30th November 2020

I Love Christmas

Today FunSongs premiered a short video to promote the I Love Christmas action song package and e-book. It is available on the YouTube channel and on Instagram at funsongs_education.
23rd October 2020

Charles Goodger’s classic action song “On Halloween” remix available on digital stores

Thanks to an agreement between FunSongs Education and Teorema Music,a dance version of the classic Goodger action song “On Halloween” is now available on the Giungla Babty record label for streaming on the main digital music platforms. Video versions can be viewed on YouTube. If you teach kids English you’ll probably be more interested in using the original “On Halloween” action song package and e-book available for just €5 (all […]
4th October 2020

Listen to Our Autumn Song on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music on the Giungla Baby record label.

Charles Goodger’s lilting and wistful action song about a typical English autumn is a favourite with English teachers and young learners. Children pretend to be trees in a wood losing their leaves as the wind swirls. Lots of fun and action! There are two versions: the Charles Goodger voice version and another sung by 10-year-old Rebeka Aleksandra Ritene in a higher key. Our Autumn Song  captures the mood of this most […]
14th June 2020
Song cover I Love Summer

I Love Summer – your kids will love this action song!

An ideal action song to teach your class before the summer break!
27th May 2020

Article in Italian Academic Journal on FunSongs Method

Charles Goodger teaches "Thrive" to 9 and 10-year olds
1st May 2020

Al Bano, the famous Italian singer, interprets Charles Goodger song about Latvia

Al Bano is one of Italy’s best known singers. He is famous for his amazing tenor voice and songs such as Felicità, performed with his partner Romina Power. His latest single was written by FunSongs founder Charles Goodger and is entitled Terra d’Ambra e di Emozioni. You can hear it on all digital stores (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Google Music) and many radio stations around the world. The […]
7th March 2020

Become a FunSongs Practitioner

Get a FunSongs Licence and become a FunSongs Practitioner like Suhad Banna, a language teacher in Nazareth. Click for details.
28th February 2020

Schools closed in Northern Italy as paranoia sets in

Schools in Northern Italy have been closed for almost a week now because of precautionary measures to reduce contagion of the Covid-19 virus. 🤐 This is putting extra pressure on families since both parents often work full-time. Fortunately many families can rely on the help of retired grandparents to look after their kids while they are off school. Paranoia and fear of Covid-19 seem to be spreading faster than the […]
30th January 2020

FunSongs workshops for Belarus teachers

Charles Goodger will be in Minsk, Belarus to hold a series of teacher workshops from 4th to 10th February 2020. Thanks to young learner teacher Julia Shareiko whom he met at EdYouFest in England in summer 2019, he has been invited to present the FunSongs Method. English teaching is taken very seriously in the small republic. If you are interested in organising a FunSongs Workshop with Charles, do contact him. […]

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