FunSongs workshop at IATEFL Belfast 20th May 2022

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18th July 2021
The excitement of an action song performance
10th February 2022

FunSongs workshop at IATEFL Belfast 20th May 2022

Meaning in sound – presenting new language through action songs

How does the human brain process meaning in sound? Have you ever thought about the connection between music and language? In this entertaining webinar Charles Goodger will start by outlining the interesting parallels between the notes in a melody and the phonemes in a language chunk. He will then go to illustrate why the presentative action song is one of the most effective tools a language teacher can use. The combination of music and mime, rhythm and rhyme in a fun song which learners mime, sing and act out can galvanise English teaching and lead to faster and better results in terms of memorisation,  pronunciation and boosted confidence. Charles will  also underline  the key importance of dynamic and graded follow-up worksheets, games and activities to recycle song content.  He will show you  how to write your own action song based on his successful action song programme as a teacher trainer for Bologna University. 

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Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger
Charles Goodger is a musician and English teacher and the founder of FunSongs Education. Originally from London, he is a language expert and teacher trainer at Bologna University. ELT teachers in Europe, China, Russia, India and Turkey have attended his workshops and use FunSongs materials.

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