FunSongs Licence for a state school

FunSongs Education Licence for a state school

The FunSongs Education Annual School Licence for state schools costs €90.00 (all taxes included)

    • The complete range of available FunSongs action song packs
    • Teaching Actions videos
    • Lesson Plans and Teacher Notes
    • Lyric Sheets and guitar chords
    • Action song MP3s, guide voice and karaoke versions
    • 100s of graded photocopiable worksheets with games, exercises and activities
    • All updates and new packages for a year

. How to get  the FunSongs Education Licence for your state school:

  1. First get permission from your school head or education authority  to buy the licence with school funds. If this is not possible ask the parents to contribute.
  2. Now ask your school secretary to download and complete the Order Form.
  3. Next scan the completed form  and send it to the FunSongs office.
  4. We will issue and send the school an invoice with bank details (IBAN & BIC) for payment.
  5. As soon as the invoice is paid, FunSongs will provide your school with private access to all our action song pack available on the date of payment.
  6. After a year you can continue to use the material. However to download the updates, new songs and worksheets uploaded during the school year,  you will need to renew your school licence.
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