Al Bano, the famous Italian singer, interprets Charles Goodger song about Latvia

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7th March 2020
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27th May 2020

Al Bano, the famous Italian singer, interprets Charles Goodger song about Latvia

Al Bano is one of Italy’s best known singers. He is famous for his amazing tenor voice and songs such as Felicità, performed with his partner Romina Power. His latest single was written by FunSongs founder Charles Goodger and is entitled Terra d’Ambra e di Emozioni. You can hear it on all digital stores (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Google Music) and many radio stations around the world. The song recounts the beauty, traditions and spirit of Latvia and its people in Italian and English. About the song, its composer Charles Goodger comments: “One day, when living in Riga, a teacher who uses FunSongs action songs in her classes, asked me to compose a song about Latvia, so Land of Amber, Land of Song was born. Back in Italy, I collaborated with lyricist Alberto Zeppieri to make a version in Italian entitled Terra d’Ambra e di Emozioni. Al Bano, also charmed by Latvia, listened to it and recorded it”.

Charles Goodger with Al Bano Carrisi at Cellino San Marco

The fact that one of the most famous singers in the world chooses to record a Charles Goodger song is living proof that FunSongs songs are a notch above other language-learning songs in terms of musical quality!

John Swain
John Swain
John Swain is a writer and journalist. He takes a keen interest in FunSongs Education and has contributed several blogposts to the News section of the FunSongs Education website.

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