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What is FunSongs Education?

Founded by the English writer, teacher and composer Charles Goodger, FunSongs action songs are sung and performed by children in schools in many countries around the world. Once children have learnt a new action song, you can use the package’s follow-up worksheets: games, role-plays and language activities.

Useful and Fun!

If you are an English teacher or a parent – or you just want to help your own child get a headstart in English, you will find our material useful, interesting and above all fun!


FunSongs action song packages and e-books are not free. Our intellectual property has value and costs a lot of money and time to produce. Please – if you are only looking for free stuff, visit the British Council website or the thousands of other free English song resources on YouTube. However before clicking away, we ask you to consider the quality of our songs and materials. At FunSongs we do not believe in placing kids in front of a screen. Our approach to learning involves expressive dance and movement. Not passive screen watching and fancy animated cartoons.

FunSongs Bilingual Puppets and Action Song Shows

FunSongs Education is also a TIE (theatre in education) company. Its entertaining workshops are staged in schools and theatres. Find out more about FunSongs Shows.

Awards, nominations and comments from teachers

In 2011 FunSongs Education was shortlisted by the British Council and Cambridge English for an ELTons award for innovation and excellence. In 2018 Charles Goodger was nominated for the international Yidan prize for new developments in education by Bologna and Osnabruck Universities.

Read our comments from teachers

Language learning often takes place most effectively when attention is directed away from the actual linguistic aim. Charles Goodger composes catchy, rhythmical tunes which children love to sing. But Charles is also an ELT specialist as well as a composer so as they sing the children are practising correct idiomatic English. Enthusiastically recommended.
  • Prof. Dennis Newson, Osnabrück University, Germany

After I teach Charles' songs, I walk into the teachers' room singing.
  • Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Toronto, Canada.

I love this material! The songs are much better than the ones in our course book and the worksheets make it easy to integrate the words and language into my course. Permanent Memory Acquisition  is guaranteed!
      Elizabeth O’Connell English Teacher, Paris

There is no doubt in my mind that students will benefit from FunSongs. It’s a wonderful program.
  • Dr. Tziona Levi 
    Chief Inspector English Language Education
    Ministry of Education, Israel 

Charles Goodger is a language and teacher trainer whose FunSongs method has had a deep impact on many generations of language pupils and teachers. His music-based approach is able to trigger the kind of implicit learning that makes the learner unaware that she or he is practising all the skills necessary to language production without effort, embarrassment, and formal instruction. His songs are extremely useful for teaching pronunciation, lexicon, syntax and cultural elements of many nations around the world. All the skills involved in language learning are developed, starting aptly from the oral skills rather than the written ones.
  • Prof. Gabriele Azzaro, Head of English, Bologna University Psychology and Education Department

  • My colleagues and I chose FunSongs to come to our school because of the excellent reports we'd heard. We weren't disappointed. Professional acting, singing and teaching, comedy, good action songs and the funny puppets Britty and Itty kept my classes fully involved and learning all the time.
    • Marica Triola, Carducci Primary School Bologna, Italy

    FunSongs action songs stand out for their beautiful melodies. The graded worksheets are excellent too. Highly recommended.
  • Prof. Ben Monk, International House, Riga

  • On Halloween is the best action song about Halloween ever written.  Halloween without it is unimaginable! My classes love performing and singing it.
    • Raffaela Frigoli, Bergamo, Italy.

    I recently downloaded The Easter Spring song  and my pupils  enjoy singing it. I always find these action songs very useful and full of ideas.
    • Vita Caice, Laimīte Bērnu Centrs, Riga, Latvia

    In the action songs classroom the learner is aware of enjoying himself and having fun. At an unconscious level the language patterns and regularities are being efficiently absorbed by the learner's mind for later free use. FunSongs is whole body and whole brain learning in which the learner perceives him/herself as doing rather than being done to.
  • Prof. Mario Rinvolucri. EFL author, teacher trainer and founder of Pilgrims, UK

  • This is one of the best ways of teaching young learners new vocabulary and language with the correct pronunciation. Children love to learn and perform these songs.
  • Prof. Mauro Verde, TESOL, Milan, Italy

  • Yesterday FunSongs came to our school to perform the FunSongs Monster Show. It was great! We have lots of material to work on the songs in the show. Very useful.
  • Chiara De Pieri, Venice, Italy.

  • Today is World Water Day and my students celebrated it with some art activities and the song Water is Everything. It was fantastic!
  • Rosanna Canova, Spotorno Primary School Liguria, Italy

  • These workshops at school are a valid opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. They combine the traditions of puppetry and pantomime with Charles Goodger's catchy action songs. The follow-up material is excellent.
    • Maria Teresa Brintazzoli, Bologna, Italy

    I would like to thank Charles Goodger for his action songs Workshop at the IATEFL YL conference in Cyprus. It was the last conference day and the last workshop I was happy to attend. It was the funniest, the most useful and the most enjoyable workshop I've ever participated in.
  • Prof. Oksana Viaggi, Nicosia, Cyprus
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