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The FunSongs Technique
New language for life 

Imagine your classroom alive with excitement as your students sing and move in coordination and all in English! They are having a great time, the results are excellent, and you are relaxed, knowing that you are following a programme that gives your learners new language they will remember for life.
FunSongs immediately engages children in the learning process.
Watch a class of Latvian primary school kids performing an action song for their parents. Marvel at the quality of their English as they jump for joy!


Get the Time to Play action song pack download now! It is so much more than just a song. You can also get the iPad FunSongs app based on this song.
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It's easy to learn how to teach an action song with our Teaching Action videos. Look at I'm A Sailor designed to teach words about ships and the sea. You can view the contents of the full action song pack including photocopiable graded worksheets here. Register with FunSongs and we will send you this package completely free!

Get the Monster March action song pack now! 


Here are two more samples of our teaching actions videos. Our videos quickly help you learn the song before you present it to your class. Like all our original songs, the 65 Million Years Ago and Water is Everything action song packs come with a series of photocopiable worksheets, full teaching video and lesson plans (at least six hours classroom work each pack) to help you make the most of the song.



FunSongs Action Song Packages provide English teachers with a fun and effective way of teaching English to children. Our melodies are fresh, original and catchy. We believe that it is important to have good songs for this music and mime-based teaching method to work effectively.

Register with FunSongs now, and try out the I'm a Sailor action song package with your English classes free.

New action songs for your English course  FunSongs action songs use unforgettable "earworm" tunes and TPR (Total Physical Response) techniques. The words and language chunks contain essential language for young learners of English. Teach them to present the most important vocabulary areas and practice pronunciation. See the list here. Or click on Select a Package on the right.

Watch a presentation of the FunSongs Monster Show at the British Embassy in Riga. You may also be interested in a FunSongs Franchise.



FunSongs News

Action Songs webinar
On 2 August 2014 Charles Goodger held a webinar entitled "online action song packs" with Nellie Deutsch as part of Moodle Moot 2014.  
New FunSongs Franchise
We are proud to announce the launch of another FunSongs Show franchise. FunSongs Shows will be made available to schools and families in Latvia from September through  SIA KateConsult.
Charles Goodger plenary at Jerusalem conference
On July 8th 2014 the Israeli teachers' association ETAI invited Charles Goodger to address teachers on the relationship between music and language-learning at the annual summer conference in Jerusalem at David Yellin College. Charles also held a workshop on the FunSongs technique. Details here.

International conference for English teachers in Nicosia
The conference on early years language learning organised by IATEFL, CYTEA and the Young Learners Special Interest Group took place place at the European University in Nicosia, Cyprus from, 24th to 25th May 2014. Charles Goodger held a workshop entitled Teaching through action songs.

Action song workshop for trainee teachers at Tel Aviv University  
On May 19 Charles Goodger was at the languages faculty in Tel Aviv to conduct a FunSongs workshop for trainee TESOL MA students. Plans are afoot to organise a Young Learners conference together with IATEFL, ETAI and the British Council at TAU before the end of the year. 

FunSongs at the annual IATEFL Conference 
Charles Goodger held a successful workshop on "How to write a language-learning action song" at the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, UK.  You can see videos from the event on the FunSongs Facebook page with useful links for teachers
FunSongs at Rome TESOL
At the annual conference for ELT teachers held in Rome, FunSongs Education hosted a table at the event. Charles Goodger was glad to meet many old friends and update teachers on recent developments. He also promoted the FunSongs Shows available to schools in Italy through the franchisee organization C.A.I.L.  
Land of Amber
FunSongs founder Charles Goodger lived in Riga, Latvia from 2008 to 2013 while his wife was teaching Italian at Riga University.  As a gift to the country and people he came to love and respect, he wrote the song Land of Amber a tribute to Latvia in three languages: Latvian, English and Russian. Please click here to hear it. If you like it you can download it free by clicking the FREE DOWNLOAD button below. You can also watch a video with beautiful photos of the places in Latvia mentioned in the song and download a PDF file of the words. See the Latvian actress Vita Baļčunaite sing it on National LNT television.

Good tunes?
Many songs for learning English have banal or unforgettable melodies. To make use of the power of music effectively in the classroom, teachers need to have good, catchy songs. Judge for yourself! 

Follow the growing success of C.A.I.L. Based in Bologna Italy, the Cultural Association for Interactive Learning was one of the first FunSongs franchisees. Check out their website here. If you are interested in acquiring a FunSongs Show franchise for your own area, read this.




Mario Rinvolucri, Pilgrims, Canterbury, England
“In the action songs classroom the learner is aware of enjoying himself and having fun. At an unconscious level the language patterns and regularities are being efficiently absorbed by the learner's mind for later free use. FunSongs is whole body and whole brain learning in which the learner perceives him/herself as doing rather than being done to.”

Benesek Monk, Berlitz School, Riga, Latvia
"FunSongs action songs stand out for their beautiful melodies. The graded worksheets are excellent too."

Mauro Verde, teacher trainer for the Italian Ministry of Education, Milan
"This is one of the best ways of teaching young learners new vocabulary and language with the correct pronunciation. Children love to learn and perform these songs."


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